Website Maintenance

The influence of website maintenance allows an enterprise to constantly stay updated online, and without any technical issues, rather than treating a web site only as an information portal. A website can be so much more, along with the right maintenance tools and team behind you; you’ll be able to expand your exposure, lead generation, and brand awareness 24 hours a day – every single day without growing stale, outdated, or losing your professional edge . What we usually encounter is a company who paid quite a large amount of money to get their website built anywhere from around three to five years ago.

Then as they grew, their expertise or offerings were restructured; or they just didn’t have the man power or resources to maintain the website updated and functioning like it should. It soon was forgotten about, and an in-house IT person just wasn’t in the budget to make sure that the websites information was accurate, fully online, and free of hacking attempts. Website maintenance can be utilized in varying degrees, whether you’re looking to target marketing efforts, online sales, or solidifying yourself as the authority in your industry.

Why Web Site Maintenance is Important

  • Ensure domain emails are functioning properly
  • Monitor hacking attempts both on your existing website and at the hosting provider level
  • Prevent Spam
  • Monitor your reputation online for damaging comments such as reviews
  • Keeping your information accurate and up to date
  • Optimizing site speed, user (visitors) functionality

Website Management

Not only do we offer you with graphic design, web design & development, marketing solutions, hosting on our dedicate servers, but we also hope to maintain our relationships with our clients by providing website management. Website Management offers you “the client” peace of mind with regards to updating and managing your website. Creating or revamping an existing website is the first step in our way of dealing with our customers. By offering web site management we add value to your business as well as your customers by supplying them with updated content that is user-friendly on your website.

What does Website Management cover ?

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Management
  • Content Updating
  • Email Management
  • Domain Registry
  • Domain Management
  • Email Management
  • Spam Filtering
  • eCommerce Management
  • … Much More